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Bakita The Sen-Yan Mascot

All of Bakita's life was devoted to running within Dupouy Canada. From generation to generation they have run in the arenas of the Landes for the pleasure of the public. It's quite a tradition and Bakita has an innate skill in racing tricks, controlled skids and performance in the arena. His surnon! Bakita the Queen of the Moors!

However Bakita also has a traveling, curious and epicurean character. Thus she wishes to break with this daily life to run towards new horizons and join the treasures of Landais: the ocean, the lakes, the pines, the gastronomy, the festivals and its beautiful campsites. That's why she escaped from Canada. And that'show she arrived at the Sen-Yan Tropical Village.
Bakita has all the qualities and defects of a Landaise, which makes her an endearing character that you will not be able to do without. All your holidays will be punctuated on the "life style" of bakita.
You can discover her this summer, have your picture taken with her, dance to the rhythm of her songs but also buy postcards at the reception for your friends or the cuddly toy that represents her.

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