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Aquatic park

A great meeting place at the heart of the village, the pools are a place for life, relaxation and many-faceted activities. On the programme, 3 pools of which 2 are heated and one is indoors, terraces just above the water and a magnificently landscaped site. Completed by a water slide, real fun for the children, it’s a place for all the family to enjoy life.

Bathing and Relaxation

Two pools with their own universes, suitable for a refreshing swim or a siesta in a deckchair. The large terraces are an invitation to meet and chat, away from the noisy play of children. For them, the basics and the extras: a water slide the largest leisure centres would be proud of and a Tropical Water Garden for the youngest with games and water jets for their enjoyment.

The Tropical Water Garden

This will bring joy to the youngest. Its numerous (17) water jets will be occasions and discoveries for young children. Based on a very shallow pool, the Aquatoons offers a wide variety of water games that the youngsters will quickly take to. It is also a pleasure for the parents. This area is located near the pool area. It requires discreet surveillance by adults.

Village Tropical Sen Yan 40170 MEZOS - LANDES

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