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November 14, 2023

Férias in the Landes

Ferias landes

Férias are popular festivals celebrating the culture and traditions of southwestern France. They are often associated with bullfighting, but not exclusively. They are also an opportunity to enjoy the gastronomy, music, entertainment and festive atmosphere that reign in towns and villages. There are many férias in the Landes region, attracting thousands of visitors every year. They are an integral part of Landes tourism. Here’s a look at some of the Landes region’s most famous férias.

Féria de Dax

The Féria de Dax is the oldest and largest of the Landes férias. Held every year in August, it lasts five days and attracts over 800,000 festayres (revellers) from all over France and beyond. The Féria de Dax is renowned for its bullfights, novilladas, Landes races and equestrian shows held in the arenas. But it also offers a host of musical, cultural and sporting events in the streets, squares, bodegas and peñas. Red and white are the colors of the Féria de Dax, worn with pride by the festayres.


Féria de Mont-de-Marsan

The Mont-de-Marsan féria, also known as the Madeleine festival, takes place in July, around the 22nd, the day of the town’s patron saint. It lasts five days and welcomes some 500,000 festayres. The Mont-de-Marsan féria focuses on bullfighting, with bullfights, novilladas, a Landais competition and a Portuguese bullfight. But it also offers a wide range of entertainment, including a cavalcade, a float race, balls, a funfair, exhibitions, fireworks and concerts. Blue and white are the colors of the Mont-de-Marsan féria, symbolizing the ocean and the river.

Ferias Mont De Marsan


Féria de Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse

The Féria de Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse takes place every year in July. The four-day event attracts some 5,000 festayres. The féria de Vincent-de-Tyrosse is a typical festival of the department, featuring the landaise race, an ancestral tradition that consists of competing against cows without injuring them. But that’s not all. It also offers unspiked novilladas, folklore shows, bandas, bodegas, country meals and entertainment for children. Red and white are the colors of the Féria de Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse.


Féria de Soustons

The Soustons féria takes place in August, around the 10th, Saint Laurent’s day. It lasts four days and attracts some 15,000 festival-goers. The Féria de Soustons celebrates the diversity and richness of the region. And to pay tribute to him, we’re offering a variety of events, including a caddy race, a scooter race, a cabestria (toro release), a cantèra (shared singing), a fishing competition, a pétanque competition, a Gascon ball, a horse show, a Landes race and a novillada. If you’d like to come to this party, don’t forget your blue and white clothes!

Feria Parentis En Born

Féria d’Aire-sur-Adour

The Féria d’Aire-sur-Adour is held every year in June. For four days and nights, thousands of festival-goers come together. The Aire-sur-Adour féria pays tribute to bullfighting with bullfights, novilladas, Landes races and Portuguese races. But it also offers locals and tourists musical, cultural and sporting events such as a caddy race, a street show, fireworks and concerts. Don’t forget your green and white outfit for the Aire-sur-Adour féria!


Féria de Biscarrosse

The Féria de Biscarrosse takes place every year in September for 3 days, during which it welcomes thousands of people. It celebrates the end of the summer season with events linked to the sea and the lake. The festival features surfing, jet-skiing, sailing, paddling, kayaking, dugout canoeing, lifesaving, diving, fishing and kite flying. It also features land-based entertainment, including brass bands, bodegas, concerts, stilt-walkers, a toro de fuego and fireworks. Would you like to take part in the Féria de Biscarrosse? Don’t forget to dress in blue and white!

The férias in the Landes are festive events that liven up the département throughout the year. They are an expression of the joie de vivre, conviviality, generosity and identity of the Landais people. They are also an opportunity to discover or rediscover the rich and diverse heritage, culture, gastronomy and traditions of the South-West. The férias in the Landes are not to be missed, as they provide unforgettable experiences! To take part in this event during your vacation in the Landes region, enjoy comfortable accommodation or a traditional pitch at our campsite in the Landes.