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November 14, 2023

Surfing in the Landes


Les Landes is an idyllic destination in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region for surf enthusiasts. With its 106 km of Atlantic coastline, fine sandy beaches and impressive waves, this département in south-west France offers ideal conditions for this sport. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’re bound to find a spot to suit your level and your desires. In this article, we invite you to discover the essential surfing spots in the Landes, the surf schools on the Landes coast, tips for preparing your surf outing, surfing tournaments organized in the department and accommodation options to make the most of your stay in New Aquitaine. Ready to go surfing in the Landes?

Emblematic surf spots in the Landes region

Numerous surf spots in the Landes region are renowned and attract surfers from all over the world every year. Among them, here are the five spots not to be missed on your vacation in the south of France:

  • Hossegor beach: this is the most famous surf spot in the Landes region, hosting a stage of the professional surfing world championship every year. Hossegor beach offers powerful, hollow waves that can reach several meters in height. It’s a spot reserved for experienced surfers who know how to deal with currents and baïnes.
  • Capbreton beach: located a few kilometers from Hossegor, Capbreton beach is a more accessible spot, suitable for surfers of all levels. Capbreton beach benefits from the presence of a seawall, which protects the waves from the wind and creates a swell effect.
  • Seignosse beach: one of the most extensive beaches in the Landes region, stretching over 6 km in length. The beach at Seignosse offers regular, varied waves that adapt to the tides and sandbanks.
  • Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains beach: an ideal spot for beginners, who can enjoy gentle, easy waves. The beach at Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains is located at the mouth of the marine lake, which creates a current favorable to wave formation.
  • Messanges beach: a wild, unspoilt spot in the heart of the Courant d’Huchet nature reserve. Messanges beach offers quality waves, which can vary in size depending on the swell.

Schools on the Landes coast

If you’d like to learn or improve your surfing skills in the Landes region, you can contact one of the many surf schools on the Landes coast. These surf schools offer lessons adapted to your age, level and objectives, supervised by qualified and experienced instructors. They also provide you with all the equipment you need for surfing: board, wetsuit, leash, etc. Using a surf school in the Landes for an introductory course offers many advantages to beginner surfers:

  • You’ll learn the basics of surfing: position, take-off, paddling, turning, etc.
  • You progress at your own pace, according to your abilities and desires.
  • You’ll discover the best surf spots, depending on weather conditions and wave levels.
  • You surf in complete safety, respecting priority rules, swimming areas and the instructor’s instructions.
  • You’ll share a fun, friendly moment with other surfers of your level or group.
  • You can find a list of approved surf schools on the Landes tourism website.

Plan your surf trip in the Landes

To make the most of your surf outing in the Landes, it’s important to prepare properly. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Choose the right spot, depending on your skill level, the tide, wind and swell. You can check the weather and surf forecasts on specialized websites.
  • Prepare the right equipment, according to water temperature, wave size and your surfing style. You can rent or buy your equipment from local surf stores or surf schools.
  • Respect safety rules by warming up before surfing, wearing a wetsuit and leash, watching for currents and waves, avoiding swimming areas and obstacles, respecting priorities and reporting any problems to the lifeguards.

Surf tournaments in the Landes

The Landes is also the scene of numerous surfing tournaments, attracting the world’s best surfers. The most famous is the Quiksilver Pro France, which takes place every year in Hossegor, usually in October. This is one of the stops on the World Surf League (WSL) professional surfing circuit. Surfers battle it out on the Gravière and Culs Nus spots, renowned for their powerful, tubular waves. The Quiksilver Pro France is a spectacular event, bringing thousands of spectators to the beach. It’s also an opportunity to enjoy the festive, friendly atmosphere that reigns in Hossegor, with concerts, entertainment and parties.

Surf Landes Tournaments

Where to stay when surfing in the Landes?

If you’re looking for surfing accommodation in the Landes, we recommend Camping Sen Yan, a 5-star campsite located in Mézos, just a few minutes from the sea. The Landes Sen Yan campsite offers fully-equipped, comfortable camping pitches and mobile homes for rent. You can take advantage of the campsite’s services and facilities, including swimming pool, spa, restaurant, bar, grocery store, wifi, etc. The Sen Yan campsite is also an ideal location for sightseeing in the Landes region, with its cycle paths, hiking trails, typical villages (Biscarrosse, Moliets-et-Maa…) and local markets. Book now to spend an unforgettable vacation in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and surf the most beautiful spots in the Landes region!

Where to stay Surf Landes