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November 14, 2023

Arjuzanx National Reserve

Reserve Arjuzanx

In the heart of the Landes region, the Réserve nationale d’Arjuzanx is a jewel of nature, dedicated to preserving biodiversity and observing wildlife.

This protected natural area in Arjuzanx, near Morcenx-la-Nouvelle, attracts researchers, nature lovers and families alike.

The Arjuzanx Reserve is recognized as a major stopover on the migratory corridor of grey cranes. A visit to Arjuzanx reveals a place where water, land and forest meet, forming landscapes of exceptional beauty and rich, varied biodiversity.

The Arjuzanx Reserve is located in the commune of Arjuzanx, near Morcenx-la-Nouvelle, not far from Dax and Mont-de-Marsan. It is 27 km from our 5-star campsite in the Landes. If you’re wondering what to see in the Landes during your stay, don’t miss the Arjuzanx Reserve.

Presentation of the Arjuzanx National Reserve

Nestled in the heart of the Landes region, the Arjuzanx Reserve covers several thousand hectares. With its rich flora and fauna, it’s a vital sanctuary for biodiversity.

Originally exploited for lignite mining, the Arjuzanx Reserve has been magnificently rehabilitated into a rich and diverse ecosystem, becoming a model of conservation and ecological management.

The Arjuzanx Reserve plays a major role in protecting natural habitats and provides a haven for many species.

Fauna and flora of the Arjuzanx Reserve

The Réserve d’Arjuzanx is a showcase of biodiversity, home to flora and fauna unique to this corner of France.

Birdwatchers can admire an impressive variety of birds, including the grey cranes that come to stay around the lake in winter, as well as little egrets and ospreys.

The Arjuzanx National Reserve is also home to numerous mammals such as red deer, wild boar and reptiles (garter snakes). Amphibians are not to be outdone, with the presence of the southern tree frog and the marbled newt.

At Réserve d’Arjuzanx, the flora is just as rich, with species such as royal fern in the wetlands, broom on the moors and vast stretches of maritime pine forest.

Finally, the lake provides an ideal habitat for dragonflies, frogs and other aquatic species, while the pine forests and moors are populated by resilient vegetation adapted to the local environment.

The mix of habitats found at Réserve d’Arjuzanx reflects the natural richness of the Landes.

Reserve Darjuzanx

Family activities in Arjuzanx

The Arjuzanx National Reserve is the perfect place for outdoor activities that are accessible to the whole family. Marked trails allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the site, on foot or by bike, with routes suitable for all levels. For nature-watchers, strategically placed observation points offer breathtaking views of bird species and the surrounding landscape.

The more adventurous can explore the lake by canoe or kayak, offering a unique perspective on the reserve.

For a bite to eat, picnic areas are ideally located for a relaxing family break in the heart of nature. Finally, Arjuzanx also offers educational programs and guided tours, enriching the experience for visitors of all ages.

Réserve d’Arjuzanx: practical information

The Arjuzanx National Reserve is a major tourist attraction in the Landes and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions. To reach this natural site from Mont-de-Marsan, take the N124 main road. Then join the D37 departmental road. From Morcenx-la-Nouvelle, take the D37 directly.

For the best possible visit to the Réserve d’Arjuzanx, check opening times and access conditions, especially for guided tours.

Entrance to this natural site near Morcenx-la-Nouvelle is free of charge for hiking trails and observation points. Equipment such as binoculars can enhance your experience, especially for birdwatching. Remember to respect nature by following the reserve’s instructions, staying on the marked trails and leaving no trace of your passage.

Finally, if you would like any information, advice or the opinion of one of our team, please call 05 58 08 11 52 or visit our site office.