June 11, 2024

Visit Saint-Julien-en-Born

Saint Julien En Born

Do you know the village of Saint-Julien-en-Born? It’s a charming little town in the heart of the Landes, just 5 km from our 5-star campsite in the Landes.

During your vacation, plan to visit this charming village with family and friends!

Discover Saint-Julien-en-Born by bike

Discovering the lush green landscapes and sweet scents of the Landes forest by bike is a truly pleasurable experience! Saint-Julien-en-Born, situated in this rich natural setting, is ideal for cycling.

Starting out from Saint-Julien-en-Born, follow the cycle path that winds through the commune and surrounding area to Contis-Plage. This cycle path, which links up with the Vélodyssée, offers a variety of panoramic views of dunes, forests and lakes.

Electrically-assisted bicycles, available for hire at several locations in Saint-Julien-en-Born, are a comfortable alternative for the less athletic. This environmentally-friendly practice is fully in line with the preservation of the Landes region’s natural sites and the discovery of Saint-Julien-en-Born‘s heritage.

Stroll through the markets of Saint-Julien-en-Born

The Saint-Julien-en-Born market bears witness to the vitality of the Landes region. Every week on Saturday mornings in Place de la Mairie, you can soak up the friendly atmosphere of the village market. Another market is held on Wednesday evenings at Les Halles de Saint-Julien-en-Born.

Enjoy strolling through the stalls of these lively, colorful markets, and plan to take home some Landes specialties: duck confit, foie gras, apple crumble, Landes pastis…

Market-goers will be delighted to learn that, in addition to Saint-Julien-en-Born, Contis is also home to a market. It takes place on Wednesday and Sunday mornings in high season. Gastronomic flavours and artisan know-how are on offer to curious visitors and gourmands in search of the authentic taste of the Landes!

Discover Contis-Plage

A stay in the Landes near our campsite would not be complete without a visit to Contis-Plage. Located just a few kilometers from Saint-Julien-en-Born, this seaside resort is known for its relaxed atmosphere and unspoilt nature. Contis beach is ideal for water sports enthusiasts, with popular surf spots and surf schools for all levels.

In the midst of this wilderness stands the Contis lighthouse, the only vertical landmark in this horizontal landscape. Get ready to climb the 183 steps of this lighthouse, the only lighthouse in the Landes region, and enjoy spectacular views of the Landes coastline and the Atlantic Ocean.

Contis Plage

Take an educational break at Camdelan Farm

Are you on a camping vacation near Saint-Julien-en-Born with your children? then take them to discover the Camdelan Educational Farm!

La Ferme de Camdelan offers an immersive experience at the heart of agricultural life and perpetuates the pastoral traditions of the Landes. You’ll discover responsible animal husbandry practices, a way of life in harmony with the environment, and can even take part in the farm’s activities.

Organic produce tastings, farm animal discoveries and educational workshops are just some of the activities that will punctuate your day at this Saint-Julien-en-Born landmark.

Admire the Sainte-Madeleine spring

On the outskirts of Saint-Julien-en-Born lies a discreet, peaceful spot: the Sainte-Madeleine spring. This spring, which rises out of an unspoilt natural setting, is both a cultural and spiritual site. Local legends attribute beneficial properties to this limpid water, and many visitors come to recharge their batteries in this serene setting.

This nature sanctuary in Saint-Julien-en-Born, often less frequented than other Landes tourist sites, lends itself to a family outing to appreciate the calm and purity of Landes nature. Nearby hiking trails invite you to extend your discovery and soak up the diversity of the Landes landscape.

If you’re wondering what to see in the Landes during your stay, add a visit to Saint-Julien-en-Born to your vacation itinerary!