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June 27, 2024

Try your hand at water sports in the Landes

Activites Nautiques Landes

In the heart of the South-West, the Landes department abounds in aquatic landscapes, offering the perfect playground for water sports enthusiasts. From the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean to calm lakes and meandering rivers, the Landes region offers a host of exhilarating experiences on the water.

Are you on vacation in the Landes and looking for something to do in the department ? Our 5-star luxury campsite ‘s guide to not-to-be-missed water activities in the Landes region will provide you with unforgettable moments, whether you’re a surfer in search of powerful waves or a fan of gentle paddle rides. Your desire to glide and escape will be fulfilled!

Surf and bodyboard school: ride the legendary waves of the Landes region

Surfing is an institution in the Landes region, where spots like Mimizan, Hossegor, Vieux-Boucau and Seignosse attract enthusiasts from all over the world. Beginners and experienced surfers alike can find something to suit them, with lessons to suit all levels at a surf school. As for bodyboarding, this accessible alternative lets you discover the joys of gliding on the water without having to stand up, ideal for relaxing with family or friends on the beach.

As well as the pleasure of surfing, these sites also offer other perks such as relaxation areas and local shops to make the most of the Landes experience.

Stand-up paddle (SUP): glide across the calm waters of Landes lakes

Paddleboarding, or stand-up paddling (SUP), is a fast-emerging water sports activity, and the lakes of the Landes region, such as Léon, Gastes, Soustons and Parentis-en-Born, provide the perfect peaceful setting for it. The étang de Biscarrosse is also ideal for this aquatic activity. Accessible to all, this activity combines relaxation and gentle physical exercise. Equipment rental points are available around the lakes.

SUP in the Landes is also an environmentally-friendly way to discover the region and reduce your carbon footprint. It provides a unique connection with nature, offering the chance to glide silently past local flora and fauna.

Sailing between winds and tides on the Atlantic coast

For those who want to feel the wind in their sails, or enjoy a spot of fishing, the Landes offers a magnificent setting for sailing. Whether on the lake at Hossegor, along the coast at Capbreton, from the port at Gastes or on the coastline stretching from Biscarrosse to Mimizan, there’s a wide range of sailing opportunities for both experienced sailors and novices. Local yacht clubs offer courses and equipment hire for all ages and abilities.

Sailing in the Landes is also an opportunity to take part in local regattas, or simply to enjoy a picnic or seabird-watching outing.

Voile Landes

Canoeing and kayaking: explore the wealth of Landes’ waterways

Canoeing and kayaking are just some of the water-based activities you can enjoy as you explore rivers such as the Leyre and the Huchet stream, which wind their way through the Landes forest. These activities offer a variety of atmospheres, from the tranquility of the lakes to the excitement of the downstream currents. Lovers of nature and discovery will appreciate the numerous Canoe-Kayak rentals, which allow us to design excursions tailored to each individual’s technical level and desire for adventure.

Whether you’re with the family, in a group or on your own, canoeing in the Landes is an incomparable way to get close to the essence of this département, combining sport, relaxation and escape.

Kitesurfing: soar with adrenaline on the ocean

For thrill-seekers, there’s kitesurfing, a discipline that combines the power of the wind and the waves of the ocean to deliver unrivalled flying sensations. On the Landes coast, spots such as Mimizan and Vieux Boucau are renowned for their optimal conditions.

Respectful of the environment and the balance of marine biodiversity, this water sport is also designed to raise awareness of the need to preserve the beaches and oceans that kitesurfers love.

Wakeboarding and water skiing: guaranteed thrills on the Landes lakes

Wakeboarding and water-skiing on the vast lakes of the Landes region offer thrills and spills. The various structures on site, such as the POLE nautiques, provide safe, professional supervision.

For a fun, adrenaline-filled activity, try a towed buoy! Pulled along by a high-speed boat, you’ll experience laughter and thrills. It’s an ideal activity for families and groups of friends looking for fun on the water.

These water activities in the Landes are the perfect opportunity to learn water sports, enjoy the cool water on hot summer afternoons, and above all, soak up the festive and dynamic atmosphere that reigns around these leisure spots. Our 5-star vacation village in the Landes is the ideal place for water sports enthusiasts. Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of our tropical oasis, and let yourself be seduced by the charms of the Landes and the magic of water sports!