November 14, 2023

Marais d’Orx

Marais Orx Landes

The Marais d’Orx is a true natural treasure of the Landes region. With its 1,000 hectares, it is a haven for local flora and fauna, offering visitors a unique experience in the heart of unspoilt nature. SEN-YAN, a 5-star campsite in the Landes, invites you on an exceptional visit to the Marais d’Orx.

Self-guided tours of the Marais d’Orx

For nature lovers, the Marais d’Orx offers free tours along two circuits: the Marais Barrage circuit and the Marais Burret circuit.

The Marais Barrage circuit

The Marais Barrage circuit is one of the options for visitors wishing to explore the reserve at their own pace. This tour of the Marais d’Orx takes you on a stroll along signposted paths offering breathtaking views of the ponds and marshes. You can admire the variety of flora and fauna that characterizes this exceptional place, before ending your adventure at theObservatoire des Pompes.

The Marais Burret circuit

The Marais Burret circuit is another option for adventure-seeking visitors to the Landes. This trail takes you through lush marshy landscapes and varied plant formations. You’ll discover ponds, reedbeds, wooded areas and the marsh’s incredible biodiversity before arriving at a place called d’Île.

Guided tours of the Marais d’Orx

You don’t want to discover this Landes tourist attraction on your own? The Marais d’Orx also offers guided tours, each offering a unique perspective on the reserve and its biodiversity.

Discovery tour

The Marais d’Orx discovery tour is a popular option for those wishing to explore the marsh in the company of an experienced naturalist guide. And that’s because it takes you along the marsh paths, helping you discover the secrets of this unique ecosystem. You’ll learn more about the flora, fauna and history of the marsh, while observing up close the diversity of species that inhabit this unspoilt environment.

Introduction to ornithology

If you’re passionate about birds, anintroduction to ornithology is the ideal visit option for you. Accompanied by an experienced ornithologist, you’ll have the opportunity to observe and identify the many species of birds that inhabit or visit the Marais d’Orx.

Introduction to birdsong

Bird lovers will also be delighted to take part in anintroduction to birdsong. This tour will teach you to listen for and distinguish the melodious songs of the marsh’s resident and migratory birds. It’s a unique sensory experience that allows you to immerse yourself completely in the reserve’s sound environment.

Discovery hikes

These longer excursions will take you through different habitats of the Marais d’Orx, allowing you to explore the diversity of landscapes and wildlife in depth. You will be accompanied by a guide who will share his expertise and enthusiasm for nature.

Discovery of the Osprey

This visit to the Marais d’Orx invites you to observe one of Europe’s most beautiful birds of prey in optimal conditions. The guide will also share his knowledge of this unique bird, the osprey.

Ornithology at the Marais d’Orx

The Marais d’Orx is a privileged site for birdwatchers thanks to its strategic geographical position. Located on France’s Atlantic coast, it is a crucial stopover for many migratory bird species crossing Europe. In spring and autumn, the marsh is the scene of spectacular migrations, with thousands of birds stopping off to rest and feed.

One of the most emblematic species to be seen in the Marais d’Orx is the osprey. These majestic birds of prey are renowned for their ability to dive into the water to catch fish. The Marais d’Orx provides an ideal habitat for the osprey, with its fish-rich ponds and lakes. You may be lucky enough to see these birds hunting over ponds or diving into the water to capture their prey.


Facilities at the Marais d’Orx

For visitors seeking information and advice, two reception facilities are available. The Maison Béziers, located at the entrance to the site, features exhibitions, information on the marsh’s flora and fauna, and a souvenir store. The Maison du Marais offers temporary exhibitions and rooms for seminars and schools.

Wondering what to see in the Landes during your camping holiday? Don’t miss the Marais d’Orx. Whether you opt for a self-guided tour along the trails or join a guided tour, this exceptional site will plunge you into the heart of the department’s preserved biodiversity. After visiting this site, take time to explore nearby towns such as Labenne, Saint-Martin-de-Seignanx or Capbreton.